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After seeing the transformation that Encore Decor did to the Wooly Mammoth Theatre, I was impressed. A DC theme that had me questioning. Did they make new Metro signs? How did they get them in here? Wait! These are real! They look better than the real thing!
— Davey Hardwick
Before I get down to the nitty gritty, I give Hilary a call. She and Bobby pay me a visit that they call a Discovery Session and we get to fill in all the blanks! The best part, is the creative perspective...I would never have thought of this on my own, much less made it fit our company brand. Highly recommend.
— Sharon Carter
It isn’t often I get to sit back and enjoy the city. Seeing our skyline is such a great reminder of where we are and what we are doing. Seeing it on stage and in a brilliance of color, well, that is inspiring and awesome.
— Diane Poljacik
We needed a pretty minimal centerpiece for our annual dinner. We ended up with so much more. Sara gave us a great selection of flowers and even brought us flowers to our tasting! We ended up with flowers, linens, a wonderful backdrop for our guest speaker. Oh, and all the corsages/boutonnières for our award winners were perfect! A major step up from what we had last year and within our budget. Bravo.
— Eleanor Friedman
Let’s begin with the awesome staff, not only are they outgoing and supportive, they are there when I am at my worst crisis moments. Oh, wait. Missing something? Don’t worry, they probably have a way of taking care of it for you. Look no further than Hilary and her staff of creative problem solvers. They have your back.
— Stacy Everett
Honestly, I have never felt safer than leaving my event in the very capable hands of Encore Decor. I can focus on the management of my own staff and let them do what they do: magic!
— Carlyle T.