The essentials - and then some.

Glow Bars

Illuminate the night. Illuminate that dark ballroom! So you plan on making the reception dark, moody, filled with dance music? The glow bar is a marker for the guests to find refreshments. Capable of holding a 6' house table inside the bar, these bars work great everywhere. Slightly curved, use all six to make use of space and provide an easily accessible for your crowd.

Feel like branding?  Decals can also be placed on them at an additional cost.

Glow Hi-boys

Can't have one without the other! Running off of battery powered LEDs, these are wire free. Multi-color options let you set the tone with the RGB color model. Need a little more branding? Vinyl graphics can be applied to the acrylic top at an additional cost. If you need help with any graphics or printing, call us!



Swiss Cheese Room Dividers

No they are not real swiss cheese, but these room dividers are a great way to split up an area and not entirely block out a gathering. While they are a standard 8 ft high, these 4 ft wide panels are held up with pipe and can be arranged in any shape or zig-zag pattern you can come up with!

Available in White or Black!