Reflect the beauty of Washington DC in your next event. Our featured decor is a salute to the nation's capital in all its pride and glory. 


What better way to navigate different areas of your expo than to have functioning signage that stands eight feet tall and echoes the city you're in!

These life size replicas of the all too familiar DC Metro are stand alone points that can be applied to any event. Social? Sure, head to Smithsonian for the Photo Booth. Tradeshow? Yes, head to Metro Center for your press badges. 

These posts are an easy set up and if they do need to be moved a bit, a single person manage without much difficulty.

Six stations to choose from, or grab them all!

Chinatown / Gallery Place 

Eastern Market 

Waterfront/ Southwest 

Union Station 


African-American Civil War Memorial/U Street 


Nota single building stands taller than the Washington Monument in DC. 

Albeit, our replica is not life size, but it still stands at an impressive 12 feet. Built on a metal frame, the monument is lit from within. Like the bare bones look? The frame itself can be used as a metal sculpture that adds a more industrial flair to the decor. 

Use a single monument as a destination in a room or even use two for a grand entrance into an expo. Assembly is required and lighting is not included.




Location – 2321 Stewart Ave Unit D Silver Spring Md 20910
Hours – 7 am - 5 pm



(at additional cost)

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